liam o'gallaher point of departure card deck


liam o'gallaher point of departure card deck


how far are we from the truth?

the cards will tell…

a beautifully thought provoking game of self exploration & inquiry that ultimately results in united consciousness…

from the beatrice wood center for the arts:

Point of Departure is a form of insight meditation with the reward being breakthroughs in being and all-at-once realization. The game is designed to remove obstructions, so the player might arrive at a state that is free of thought. The mind, suspended, utilizes the cards as fragments of meaning in the light of the whole of life.

Liam O'Gallagher was an avant-garde artist and teacher who pushed past the known boundaries of contemporary expression. His work included paintings, poetry, graphic work, short stories, performance pieces, and experiments with sound. He was also integral to the creation of foundations and centers for human growth, progressive thought and the arts - including the Beatrice Wood Center for the Arts.

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3.75” w x 5.5” h

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