Driftwood Goes to New Zealand

Wow, it's been a while since I've posted.... Lots going on, so much so my head is spinning... we're getting ready for a move so my shop is closed for the next couple of months but I did want to post a few snaps of my latest Driftwood I was able to stitch up before putting the lid on the sewing supply box ~ she will fly away today & is headed to a gorgeous place named Nydia Bay in Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand... What an adventure she is going to have!  Hope you have a beautiful life little Driftwood in your stunning new abodes with your sweet partner, Norma.  Bon voyage!

ps.  here's a link to On The Track Lodge in Nydia Bay for those wanderlusting...  if I find myself in New Zealand one of these days, I will be sure to stay here...