Driftwood Goes to New Zealand

Wow, it's been a while since I've posted.... Lots going on, so much so my head is spinning... we're getting ready for a move so my shop is closed for the next couple of months but I did want to post a few snaps of my latest Driftwood I was able to stitch up before putting the lid on the sewing supply box ~ she will fly away today & is headed to a gorgeous place named Nydia Bay in Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand... What an adventure she is going to have!  Hope you have a beautiful life little Driftwood in your stunning new abodes with your sweet partner, Norma.  Bon voyage!

ps.  here's a link to On The Track Lodge in Nydia Bay for those wanderlusting...  if I find myself in New Zealand one of these days, I will be sure to stay here...


Abbot Kinney Festival

We had a great time at the AK Festival yesterday!  What a fantastic turn-out of the friendliest people around!  Thank you for so much for coming out and celebrating the unveiling of our goods.  Beautiful day, beautiful faces, what more can anyone ask for?

For those of you who took our business cards, we had hoped to have a web store operating by now but there has been a slight delay so we will be mainly working with our blog to accommodate our customers for the time being.  If you are interested in purchasing any of our goods, please email me by either pressing the link to the right or to g@rizomdesigns.com.

We leave you with some images of our creations & booth ~ I will post more pics of our goods in the coming week so please check back soon...