Otsu Noodles

One of my favorite staple dishes to make, an offshoot of the Otsu noodles, recipe courtesy of Heidi Swanson of 101 Cookbooks & via Pomelo restaurant. I love Heidi's recipes, she focuses on fresh, in season produce & with her clean, minimalist, non fussy cooking style, it brings out the best flavors of each ingredient.  I tweak mine a bit using Korean red chile flakes (gochugaru) instead of cayenne & I add a substantial amount of various roasted or steamed veggies along with bite size cubes of organic crispy tofu (marinate with shoyu, garlic & sesame oil or whatever you fancy since tofu soaks up the flavoring, sprinkle & toss in organic corn starch, bake it at 400* approx 20 min for the perfect crispy exterior) & the end result is a delicious, light citrusy, shoyu, honey, sesame noodle magic!  It's both comforting but light & healthy.

Here's a link to the recipe:



Healthy, delicious Otsu Noodles

Healthy, delicious Otsu Noodles