sound of nature

I learned about the acoustic ecologist Gordon Hempton when he was interviewed by Krista Tippett on her podcast On Being a while ago & imagined in wonder the magic of his occupation.  After dedicating his life to studying soundscapes, he had lost his hearing... so strange & mysterious this life we come to know...  I just came across this short film called Being Hear on National Geographic's  short film showcase to share with you if you haven't watched/listened to it.  Please put on some headphones & take a lovely journey of the sound of nature for a few minutes with Gordon Hempton...  Enjoy!


“This liminal space between creation and destruction is the true domain of spirit and art. That edge is dynamic. It’s where growth can happen.” ~Fletcher Tucker

I love this quote from a beautiful article I just read about an inspiring couple living in Big Sur. This is our time, collectively & individually. With so much destruction occurring all around us, it's ripe for creativity & really the only way to growth & renewal.